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The Charity Commission appointed me, Brian Johnson of HW Fisher & Company, as Interim Manager for the charity Afghan Heroes on 5 February 2014. My role as Interim Manager has been to take over the management and administration of the charity to the exclusion of the charity trustees, to review the charity’s activities and governance, and to consider its future.

I regret any confusion that has arisen as a result of letters recently sent to the charity’s volunteer co-ordinators or a notice posted on the charity’s website, indicating that the charity is no longer a viable concern. No decision has been taken to close the charity, although I have concluded that the charity’s operations are not viable or sustainable in their present form and have begun winding these down to reduce costs. Whilst this is being done the care and assistance provided to, and the future of, the charity’s beneficiaries will remain paramount.

At this stage I have suspended further fundraising activities and will not look to accept any donations until further notice.

The charity’s financial position will become clearer once the process of reducing the charity’s operations has been accomplished. I will then be able to devise a course of action on the future of the charity, which will be considered by the Charity Commission in its supervisory capacity.

In the meantime, I cannot speculate on the charity’s future. I would like to thank those involved in the charity and the local community for their patience while my work, and the Charity Commission’s investigation continues.